Product Materials


High Density Polyurethane

Except for most of the columns and a few stain-grade hardwood brackets, the vast majority of our products are made from High Density Polyurethane. This expanded-foam product is the same density as white pine but it does not absorb any water which makes it an ideal material for use in exterior applications.

Because all polyurethane products are made in a mould, their price is often much higher than linear mouldings (such as baseboards and casings) made in MDF or even wood.

If you like small, plain interior mouldings, then this probably isn't the product for you.

If, on the other hand, you need something that is waterproof, or if weight is an issue, or if you prefer large cornices or items with patterns on them (dentil blocks, eggs, flowers, leaves, etc.) then we've probably got access to what you're after.


Product Materials


A note on "Flexible" mouldings

High density polyurethane does bend somewhat, if made in long, thin lengths. It will not, however, bend into an arch shape or a tight radius. Ever.

Mathematically speaking, the outside edge of a curve or arch is a different radius (i.e. longer or shorter) than the inside edge of that curve is. The moulding would have to stretch to a longer length on the top or front face while compressing the bottom or back face, and this is physically impossible without causing damage or distortion.

You can find other websites that show their flexible mouldings tied in a bow; that's fine, as long as you don't mind seeing the distorted edges and even the back of the moulding. Appearances are deceiving!