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The Look of Stone— Without the Weight

One of our specialty products is a styrofoam-backed material that then uses an acryllic stucco top coat in order to create a “faux-stone” finish.

While the material itself can get costly, it is cheaper than real stone and far lighter in weight so you will save a lot of money on installation. You don’t need special tools, like wet-saws, or three people to hold and carry pieces around. And the factory will precut corners and end returns, so your installers will only have to make minor adjustments on-site using square cuts and butt joints.

They also have two other versions, that are more cost-effective still: a “paint-grade” top coat, and a “scratch-coat” finish that allows you to add your own acryllic (or regualr) stucco finish/ color to it.

One other advantage is that because the pieces are made by extrusion, rather than in a mould, custom sizes and minor changes to the existing profiles do not cost nearly as much as polyurethane would.

To see just some of the possibilities, click here: Dominion: Faux Stone


Build Outs