Low Weight and Low Maintenance

The largest section in our manufacturers’ catalogues are devoted to polyurethane blocks, brackets, and corbels.

The majority of them are plainer designs, normally used on the exterior of buildings.

Sometimes you may be able to find a fascia moulding (in the Moulding section of the catalogues) that has a series of dentil blocks already on it; moulded as one piece, with no chance of splitting or separating.




The pages showing individual Brackets, Blocks, and Corbels are many and varied. They are grouped by shape, roughly, so if you spot a piece that is the right shape but it has the wrong dimensions for your job, then the only choices available to you in that shape will be on or close to that same catalogue page.

Then, towards the end of the section, a specialty type of bracket known sometimes as either “Victorian” or “Gingerbread” can be found. These tend to be scrolled and detailed; they are made for exterior use, however. You can also find “Gable End Decorations”, in a few styles, on the last page of the catalogue sections.

To see our main supplier’s collection of brackets, click here: Spectis: Blocks, Brackets, and Gingerbreads

You will be restricted to the sizes shown in the catalogues, however. Any desired change to any one dimension means creating a new (and expensive) mould, so unless you have a large quantity (100 or more pieces), a custom bracket is going to be pricy.

We can probably help you to locate the right bracket for your job. Give us a call.