The Look Of Wood Without The Maintenance

Balusters - the posts themselves - are added to a top and a bottom railing to create a Balustrade.



There are two versions, in essence: Decorative and Structural

A decorative balustrade system will have an overall height of three feet, or less, and they can be used on low decks, on inaccessible rooflines or balconies, in front of windows as a decoration, or even as part of a garden/ landscape layout.

The balusters can have any spacing that works well with the overall length and height.

A structural balustrade, on the other hand, is subject to local and national building codes.

In general, the rail height must be at least 42 inches tall, and the balustrade must pass tests for lateral (sideways) impact and strength. The baluster spacing is also regulated, normally leaving no space larger than 4 inches clear (on residential jobs; commercial jobs can vary) between them.

The choice of polyurethane for a balustrade system is a good one for people who are interested in painting it once, and then “forgetting about it”. This very low-maintenance aspect comes with a big price, however. When dealing with a structural system, you can reach $300 per foot in no time, and pricing can go higher still depending on the width of the posts and rails chosen, and if you need newel posts to break up long runs (over 12 feet long).

They are not easy to figure out, but we have a lot of experience and tricks to making them work. Ask us how!