Polyurethane: Your Best Choice?


The advantage: Low Maintenance

High Density Polyurethane is an ideal choice for exterior situations. It is light-weight, does not absorb any moisture, and it can be much cheaper to install. It is, generally, more expensive than wood and some other common materials but its versatility, and the variety of applications available, makes it a viable option to wood.

If the pieces that you require are very large (crown mouldings or parapet mouldings that are over 12" tall, for instance), stucco coated EPS (expanded poly-styrene) profiles may be a better choice for you. One of our suppliers, "Patterson Whittaker", specializes in these coated foam products. They also have unique finish coats available for them, and most of our other exterior product suppliers can also provide factory painted items.


A huge variety of Exterior Products

High Density Polyurethane is a very versatile material. Check out "Photo Gallery" Page to see some photos of our past projects or the "Our Suppliers" link, to the left of this section, to view their catalogues. There, you'll find items such as balustrades (railings), blocks and brackets, columns, door and window surrounds, louvers, and-- of course-- linear mouldings of all shapes and sizes.

If you don't see what you want, it may be possible to have something custom made. Call us for help in meeting your specific project needs.