Make Your Light Fixtures Really Shine

The original ceiling medallions were created out of plaster, and were used in rooms where the light provided was from candles arranged in a support. The candle flames caused soot and flame marks on the ceilings (not to mention the risk of starting the entire room on fire) so the plaster medallions provided a fire barrier, as well as adding decoration in a room.

These days, medallions are only used for decorative purposes, although many people do use them to cover up mistakes on their ceiling—perhaps a light fixture is not centered over a table in a dining room, and you want to move it over a few inches, and hide the wiring under it.




Several ceiling medallion designs come in multiple sizes, so you can carry a design theme from a smaller piece used in a hallway, to a mid-sized piece in a bedroom or dining room, to a large piece in an upper foyer/ entrance where the ceilings are 12 or 14 feet tall.

When you’re spending several thousand dollars on a chandelier, it takes less than two hundred dollars, usually, to add a ceiling medallion that will both complement and enhance the chandelier itself. And for lower ceilings and smaller rooms, most choices are under $100 (sometimes well under).