Create Your Own Designs

Fireplace mantels are a tricky item to supply. Almost every one of them is a custom size or shape.

When using polyurethane products, they are treated much the same way as wood products would be. This means adhering to the local Fire Codes, and that can severely restrict your choices in some cases.

Generally, we sell products to the installers who first build a plain “shell” of a fireplace surround from plainer materials, such as MDF or plywood, or even fireproof drywall boards.

Then, instead of custom-shaping decorative pieces themselves, we can provide small columns (or half columns), fancy moulding to fit under a mantel shelf, and/or small brackets to use as decorative supports on the legs or under the mantel shelves.

With the right installers and a creative design team, you can have a one-of-a-kind fireplace surround. Ask us how!