Unforgettable Interior Accents


Beauty Is In The Details

Have you ever been in a beautifully designed and decorated room, and wondered why it appealed to you so much? Chances are, there are decorative elements in play that you see without realizing their importance to the unifying theme of the design. The simple addition of a cornice moulding around the ceiling of a room makes rooms without a cornice look 'unfinished'. A large flat ceiling with a nice light fixture in the center is enhanced even more by adding a decorative ceiling medallion above it.

The next time that you are watching a movie, or a TV show, take a closer look in the background of the interior scenes. You're sure to spot brackets, columns, cornices, and maybe even a wall niche or two. All of the window and doors will have wide casings and, often, decorative headers and sills.

The experts know that 'Beauty is in the Details', and there's no reason that you can't have the beauty of a smart design in your own project.


The look of plaster, without the weight

All polyurethane items are made in a mould so the more decorative the piece, the more viable an option this material becomes.

As a general rule, if you like plain and simple lines then polyurethane mouldings are not your best choice. If you like something large, or with a pattern on it, then this is the product for you.

We have access to items like blocks and brackets, columns, ceiling medallions, decorative cornices, and wall niches. If you like what you see there, then there is no reason that you can't have it for yourself!