Essentials In Moulding was established in 1993, after the name and concept were purchased from a Calgary-based interior designer. It was then being run from the garage and basement of a private home, and we saw the potential to expand the idea into a full retail & wholesale outlet.


While we do have a showroom that the public is invited to visit, the majority of our business comes through direct sales to builders and contractors, installers, and interior design groups.
We have also provided materials, drawings, and ideas to architects so that they can specify our products directly on the working drawings of commercial and residential projects.



In the early years, there were only a couple of Canadian manufacturers, and we supplemented our main sources from the USA with those more limited local product lines.

After ten years or so, the balance shifted completely. The Canadian suppliers surpassed the quality and the selection of even the largest US manufacturers, and they now sell 90% of what they produce back to the US market.


It was in those early years that we became experts in high density polyurethane products, and especially in the choice and suitability of columns/ pillars on any sized project.

We have seen every conceivable problem and we are able to provide a solution to almost all of them.

If you need columns and advice on how to use them, or what size to choose, then put us to the test!


There are a few “big-box” stores that are able to order in similar items, but unless you know exactly what you want then they all lack the ability to help you get those items. They also need to know all about toilets, and garden sheds, and lighting, and lumber, so even if you do see something in one of their displays, trying to find an employee who knows how to install it, or order more of it, is almost impossible.

Essentials In Moulding specializes in these “decorative items”, and we can answer any questions that you have about the material or the installation, and make helpful suggestions when needed.

Bring us your ideas or your specifications, or even your architectural drawings, and Essentials In Moulding will work directly with you to bring them to fruition!